On Human Havings

On Human Havings


Jan van Til



In his post There is no right to not-care, Tom Graves shares some of his thoughts about ‘rights’. Especially about the right to not-care. This right-post motivated me to write a little on my ideas about Human Havings [1].


Do rights really exist? To be honest… I don’t think so. We have no right to be, to have, to behave. Yet we are. Yet we have. Yet we behave. But we almost completely lost sight of simply being. Lost sight of how to frequently return (behave) to simply being and let go of having. Lost sight of the beings that we really are. We behave more like Human Havings than Human Beings.


Only Human Havings – creatures that have to have – need rights. Human Beings are. The natural state for Human Being comprises affection (the simplest form of love) – including caring: what can I do for you (instead of what can I do with/to you). Human Havings create separateness. Human Beings create togetherness. Human Beings have all kinds of things, but do not have to have these things. They only be-have these things. When time comes they let go of these havings. Human Beings trust other things to emerge and with which to be-have next.


Today we largely are beings without knowing anymore what it really is to simply be. We lose ourselves completely in having ever increasing ego’s. Completely separate from other beings, from other things. Simply being, unmanifested being, being with the potential to have anything – and to let go of it again is what really empowers us. Makes us care.
This, however, requires us to go beyond our ego’s. But, immensely ‘helped’ by our ego’s, we started to firmly believe (and still do) that letting go means that we lose our things, lose our identities, lose track of who we are etc. Well, that would be the end of the ego, wouldn’t it? And the ego… well, it ‘simply’ wants to survive. It’s scared to death! And the ego creates and maintains – over and over again – Human Havings. Separateness. Fearing humans – constantly under attack and attacking. Trying to protect their havings. Havings they ‘know’ they have to have in order to be. Human Havings definitely need the illusion of rights.




April 2011, 2011 © Jan van Til


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[1] Earlier on Graves shared his thoughts about possession and responsibility. I responded on those posts with my thoughts on Be-Having.